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Made some minor changes to the Twee output to better fit the standard. We now add an IFID is one is missing, and generate a Start attribute in StoryData if only startnode is provided.
Made some minor changes to the text processing so that <rules>\nsome text\nsome more text\n</rules> now correctly wraps the contents in paragraph tags.
You can write Gordian tags with a gb- prefix — for example, if your IDE follows the HTML custom-tag syntax. For example <gb-keyword></gb-keyword> is legal.
Added <reference></reference> (synonym <r></r>) to insert a passage number without a link.
Added documentation for Returnto and returnto link keywords
Implemented markdown class declarations to add classes to auto generated html. {:.class}. Add inline to style the preceding inline element, or on a new line to style the preceding block element.
Added <c></c> as a synonym for <check></check>
Added simple calculations inside template variables. e.g. {{default + 1}}
Added a comprehensive tutorial. Actually, I added it a little while ago, but didn't announce it till now.
Added an Items Report to show items marked up with the <item> tag.
Added the <checkbox-list> tag to generate a list of passages with checkboxes, and reproduce those checkboxes (see Keywords).
Added Returnto and returnto link keywords to generate "Return to X" links
2022-07-01 (Keyword tracking)
Added a keyword tracking system using the <keyword> tag. Keywords can be viewed on the Keyword Report.
Added a <keywords> tag to generate a list of story keywords with checkboxes (see Keywords).
Added a viewer for the current story JSON (view)
Line-breaks inside a template call (<template>) no longer generate an error.
A multi-line Sugarcube blockquote (lines prefixed with > ) now adds a break at the end of each line.
Fixed a bug where exporting to a Twine save file could create phantom blank passage tags
Added a playable preview mode, where only one passage at a time is shown
A passage preview now appears on the passage edit screen, as well as a link to a single-page PDF containing just that passage. The passage edit screen also shows how much space will be taken up by the passage in pages and millimeters.
2022-05-24 (Template System)
Significant update to release the Templating System, which allows you to create re-usable html templates in your game.
The breakbefore tag was ignored on backmatter and frontmatter passages, but is now supported
Moved the CSS editing area to a dedicated screen that also allows you to edit the Story Stylesheet
twee stylesheet tagged passages are now added to story_css instead of settings_css
gb-templates are now exported in twee
Fixed a bug preventing passages with backmatter_x tags from appearing at the end of the document.
Added a function to renumber an entire story, in case a gap has appeared.
Added the <page-before> tag to force a page of content before a passage.
Fixed a bug where importing directly from a Twine save file did not convert &#039; into single quotes.
Fixed a bug where ''text'' did not convert to bold
Fixed a bug where exported passage text encoded apostrophes as &#039;, but passage titles encoded it as &#39;, which could cause a link to fail if the Twine export was re-imported into Gordian without going through Twine first.
Fixed a bug where passages with two external links could add an i to the start of the link address.
You can now view passage ranges in PDF mode indvidually, or view just the front and back matter without the contents.
Added a page on generated html, describing all the html output by GB and its default styles.
Added notes to the workflow page about how to fine tune PDF layout and image placement.
Major internal change to the application structure — no effects should be visible to users.
Improved regex for automatic capitalisation of turnto links.
Added Turnto as a link name to force a capital T in "Turn to X" links.
The passages save screen now shows the timestamp of the most recent save.
2021-09-29 (WritingFantasy Compatibility)
Gordian is now compatible with the tags used in WritingFantasy. Added hidden, ending, and fixednumber_ tags. Also added # as a link name that produces a bare number link.
Added support for multiple frontmatter and backmatter passages, placed before gb-introduction and gb-rear respectively.
Added support for Harlowe's "no-formatting" marker (one or more backticks).
Gordian can now directly import Twine Archive exports, Twine game files, and Twine saves.
Now supports the 'last' tag, which causes a passage to be placed at the end of the story. Multiple tagged passages will be placed at the end in the order encountered.